Ordering copies has never been easier.

Just email copy@ucsc.edu with a file to be printed (PDFs preferred) and the details of the job. You can fill out one of the forms below and save and attach it along with your order to ensure that we have all the information we need.

Copy jobs can be charged to departmental FOAPALs or directly to your student account.

Exams, Syllabi, and Course Handouts

We reproduce exams for all courses at UCSC with the greatest attention to security. Exams are reproduced by University staff under controlled conditions. Orders are available for pick up or will be delivered as requested.

Non-Academic Copy Orders

We offer black and white or color copies, including

  • Business cards
  • Envelopes 
  • Fliers
  • Handouts
  • NCR ("carbon copy") forms
  • Binding, Cutting and Laminating services and
  • Faxing services
We have letter (8 1/2"x11"), legal (8 1/2"x14") and tabloid (11"x17") stock in a variety of colors.

Professor Publishing Services:

offers Professors and instructors custom course readers and lab manuals that are tailored to your course, both streamlining required readings and keeping down costs for your students.

Course Readers

Course readers provide Professors with the ability to customize specific texts for their classes. Instead of having to purchase complete works where a small portion will be required for study, students pay only for the material actually used in class. A Professor simply selects, copies, and submits the material they wish to have reproduced for their class, and we do the rest!

Lab Manuals

If you have authored your own lab manual, you simply need to place an order and submit your original documents or a PDF file of them. We will produce high quality books from them for your students.

In addition to digitally cleaning and paginating your materials, we can also number tables of contents and insert color slipsheets between articles to help your students navigate through their readings. We also offer copyright clearances for articles or chapters as needed.

How to Submit a Reader